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Why? Are you mad?

I was often asked this when I had a "real job" with regular income but it wasn't the dream of having my own business.

I co-owned a retail business several years ago so I understand the trials and tribulations of running a shop in a Cornish town.

Returning to my Hometown of Camborne after living abroad for several years I had the dream of opening my own jewellery and gift shop...why? I often got asked this !

I started making jewellery and gifts and attended markets and events alongside my "real job" then after 5 years decided it was now or never.

So, March 2019 Jojangles jewellery and gifts was opened in Trelowarren Street and it has flourished. I've met so many lovely people and caught up with lots of customers from the old business that I now call friends. The support from the people of Camborne has been immense, even through the difficulties of Lockdown they've supported my small business and I appreciate each and everyone.

I've a no pressure policy in my shop, if you just want a look that's fine, if you'd like help then I'm there. I like a chat and a happy atmosphere which seems to be what is needed by a lot of my customers.

Camborne is a lovely place , please pop in if you visit.

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