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Behind the new shutters is a whole new shop full of gifts and jewellery.

New stock ready to go onto the shelves and plenty of ideas for things to come.

The opening is on Saturday 9th July.

Did you ever wonder what Santa did in the Summer? Santa will be on Holiday in CAMBORNE on SATURDAY the 9th July as he has been asked by Jojangles to OPEN HER NEW SHOP at 81 TRELOWARREN STREET on that date. He will arrive in Camborne with his CHIEF SECURITY ELF on his very NOISY TRIKE, Santa will go via the Library, Cross Street, onwards to Trelowarren Street to arrive at 9am at Jojangles, have a great time seeing Santa and maybe doing a bit of shopping in the lovely new shop. THERE WILL BE 10% DISCOUNT INSTORE ON THE DAY.

For other news updates on the opening please pop over to

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