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Posh Collection by Dora Designs  – Doorstops

Here we have Catriona, a sweet Highland Cow in a distinctive orange brocade fabric which has a dark brown pattern running through it.

Also featuring a soft brown fabric on her snout and long horns, this doorstop is adorable to touch and stroke thanks to her silky smooth, long dark coat in brown faux fur.

This endearing breed of cattle is instantly recognisable and Catriona will certainly add an unforgettable style to your home décor. 

Place her at the foot of your door and she will happily hold it open or closed while she sits and watches over any room of the house.

SizeCatriona Highland Cow Doorstop
Product TypeDoorstops
FillingPolyfibre Filling and Quartz Sand
CollectionThe Posh Collection
Weight1.20 kg

Catriona Doorstop

SKU: catriona
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